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  • How to Style a Coffee Table

    A coffee table is one of the most important and central pieces in a room. Make sure yours makes an impressive statement and watch how to style your coffee table so that your living room looks up-to-date and inviting. With just a few accessories and thoughtful placements, you can take your table from bare or cluttered to perfectly balanced and chic…

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  • Fall Lipstick Trends

    Summer is coming to an end, fall fashion is just around the corner, and it’s time to start transitioning our beauty and makeup routines into the new season, too. So how do you start to look autumn-ready without splurging on all new products? Pucker up and read on – here’s which fall lipstick colors are trending and will take your summer look into fall with just a simple swipe…

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  • At the Movies: August 26

    This week at the movies: A group of teenaged delinquents soon regret robbing a blind man’s house; and a former assassin is forced to resume his crime-filled lifestyle after his trust is betrayed…

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